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What is Considered Addiction?

The Truth About Addiction

We all know addiction is a disorder that can ruin lives. It’s an illness that causes people to compulsively use a substance or engage in an activity despite the consequences. And while it’s commonly associated with drug abuse, addiction can also affect people who are addicted to alcohol, sex, emotions, video games, cigarettes, or even gambling. Some of the most common misconceptions about addiction include that it is a choice rather than a disease and that people can overcome it through sheer willpower alone. But what does science say about addiction? How does it affect the brain? Is treatment effective? Let’s dig deeper into addiction so we can uncover the truth behind this disorder.

What are Treatment Options?

Addiction is a chronic disorder characterized by compulsive use of a substance or engaging in a behavior despite negative consequences. It can refer to drug use, alcohol abuse, as well as other activities such as gambling, shopping, and sex. People with addiction typically experience difficulty controlling their behavior and cravings when they try to stop substance use or behavioral activity. They also often suffer from withdrawal symptoms once they quit the substance use or activity. Treatment for addiction usually includes counseling, support groups, and sometimes medications to help manage symptoms associated with addiction.

Shades of Hope offers a space where our compassionate and empathetic staff help guests persevere through some of the most difficult processes. It is tough work, but it’s worth it to discover the root cause of the addiction to move on from it for good.

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Here to Help You Heal

This blog was created to help those who have family members or friends suffering from addiction, understand addiction and its negative effects. Shades of Hope is here to help people struggling with addiction find the courage and strength to seek treatment and recovery. We offer much-needed support and encouragement to those who are battling addiction.

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