1. Shades of Hope Alumni Story: Amanda

    Amanda began her journey at Shades of Hope as a very hopeless and broken individual. Recovery is possible! We hope that you will read her story and make a change for yourself today. Call (800) 588-4673 to speak to someone.   “My battle with weight and food began when I was 8 years...
  2. Shades of Hope Alumni Story: Jackie

    Jackie’s daughter suffered from anorexia and bulimia for more than 4 years before her family became involved. Upon identifying her eating disorder with her therapist, the family came to Shades of Hope. Read Jackie’s story and know that there is hope for your own child or family member struggling with...
  3. Focusing on Sexual Abuse Resources for Survivors

    With the accusations that have emerged about Harvey Weinstein, sexual assault and abuse has been front and center in the news cycle lately. While Hollywood stories can be salacious, and the media gets very excited about high-profile celebrities and scandal, our position at Shades of Hope is that the focus...
  1. Food Addiction Q&A with Tennie and Betty Ford Center

    Tennie was recently the featured speaker at the Betty Ford Center Women’s Symposium. Prior to the event she sat down with the Betty Ford Center for a brief Q&A session on food addiction. You can read the full Q&A on their website. The Women’s Symposium mission is to provide innovative...

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