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Tennie McCarty

Our Founder / CEO

Tennie McCarty


Tennie McCarty, the founder and CEO of Shades of Hope, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of addictions, drawing from over 30+ years of professional expertise and personal insight.

Her own journey of recovery, coupled with her role as a mother to a recovering anorexic, gives Tennie a distinctive perspective on the complexities of addiction. Her deep understanding of the disease and its impact on individuals and families allows her to approach to healing with compassion, empathy, and a holistic approach.

Through Shades of Hope, Tennie McCarty continues to make a significant difference in the lives of those struggling with addiction, offering hope, support, and a path towards healing.

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Every Wednesday at 10 CST

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Shades Of Hope: 
How to Treat Your Food Addiction To Food

Tennie's appearance as the food addiction expert on Dr. Oz, A&E, Ruby, and ABC’s “Nightline” as well as having her own reality show called “Addicted to Food” on the OWN network. Introduction by Ashley Judd.

There are millions of people who bounce from one diet to another with no understanding of the link between emotional eating (compulsive overeating) and not being able to keep off the weight. Author Tennie McCarty was herself an overeater, food addict, and bulimic. Tennie believes that food addiction is a physical and mental problem with a spiritual solution. Tennie confronted her addictions to unhealthy relationships, food, work, and was finally able to find the one thing we all ultimately crave—serenity. In her work with clients, Tennie helps them uncover why they yo-yo diet, why they compromise their health with a diseased relationship to food, why their uncontrollable need for control has left them feeling broken, and what it is about their past or present that leads them to seek comfort in the oscillating consumption and restriction of food. As Ashley Judd, a former client says, “Because if there was hope for Tennie McCarty, there was hope for me.”  

Using her trademark humor, in Shades of Hope Tennie offers real-life solutions and a step-by-step program that teaches you how to let go of the bad feelings that have imprisoned you and the never-ending cycle of diets, binges, negative behaviors and broken promises.

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