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Watch Tennie McCarty on ‘Ruby’ Season Finale

Did you miss last night’s season finale of Ruby? Don’t fret! Reruns of the final episode will be playing all week on the Style Network.

Tennie helps the women in Ruby’s group unleash their anger to get rid of the pain from their past.

Ruby: The Thinner Child(season finale) – show times:

  • May 2nd (Sunday): 7pm (original air date)
  • May 3rd (Monday): 2pm & 11:30pm
  • May 4th (Tuesday): 7pm & 10pm
  • May 5th (Wednesday): 4pm
  • May 6th (Thursday): 7am
  • May 7th (Friday): 8pm & 11pm
  • May 8th (Saturday): 5am & 5pm
  • May 9th (Sunday): 8am

UPDATED– additional show times:

  • May 10th (Monday): 12pm
  • May 12th (Wednesday): 7am
  • May 14th (Friday): 2pm

NOTE: All times in CST – please check your local listings for channel info (Style Network) & schedule changes.