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The Six Day Intensive – Day 4

This was my Process day. Please forgive the audio… My voice was hoarse from screaming. Well, I did it! I faced my anger and let go of my shame. The experience was completely rewarding and I am so thankful for the experience. I slept like a baby that night…. My name is Brock Cravy and […]

‘Addicted to Food’ Episode 4: “Shame and Anger”

“I’m giving you your shame back!”, ¬†Elizabeth screamed to the empty chair. It really is a good thing that I don’t drink anymore, again. It’s a very good thing I wasn’t drinking Tuesday night, because there would have been some angry drunk texting. Some people would have woken up confused by the , “I’m giving […]

Face your body and see the addiction

“Worthlessness and shame is something I’m used to.” – Layne My best buds and I gathered together to eat, fellowship, and watch the second episode of Addicted to Food, now our Tuesday night ritual. What I’m sure is to become my usual attempt, I tried to relax my mind so that I could watch the […]

Binge Eating Disorder: To eat or not to eat – sometimes it’s not a question

Most of us are guilty of overindulging in food from time to time – just watch people at buffets or during the traditional Thanksgiving meal for proof. For most of us, the occasional high calorie overindulgence is an infrequent occurrence. For some, it is the hallmark of a serious eating disorder. Binge Eating Disorder (BED) […]