Tennie McCarty appears on Dr. Oz

“Addiction is the only disease that says, you do not have it!” – Tennie McCarty  Click on image to watch the clip Is food controlling your life? Do you feel out of control? Meet someone with a food addiction and find out what it takes to break the cycle.

BBC’s ‘Revealed’ takes focus on Manorexia

Doing some random searching on the web, I stumbled upon this video produced by BBC. The show, Revealed  (shot very E! Wild On), takes a brief look into Anorexia in men, or Manorexia as its now called. The pop fizzy hosts speak with George, a 19 year old battling an eating disorder that began when he was […]

‘Addicted to Food’ Full Episode

In this riveting new docu-series, eight people battle their addiction to the one thing they literally can’t live without: food. At Shades of Hope, a rural Texas treatment center, these desperate clients struggle through an intense 42-day treatment plan led by maverick therapist Tennie McCarty. In the series premiere of Addicted to Food, the new […]

Tennie McCarty asks, “What’s Eating You?”

“You had to work to get here. You have to work twice as hard to get out.” – Camela Balcomb, Executive Director of Shades of Hope Last night I snuggled up on the couch with a couple of close friends to watch the highly anticipated premier of ‘Addicted to Food.’ First, I would like to […]