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Tennie on Dr. Oz to Discuss the Dangers of Laxative Abuse

Tennie appeared on The Dr. Oz Show yesterday to share her story of abusing laxatives which is becoming a trend among women in order to lose weight. Click below to watch… If you are interested in learning more about this growing trend, visit The Doctor Oz website to read Tennie’s article on Eating Disorders and Laxative…

Dr. Oz on the “Pro-Ana” Movement

Tennie appeared today on The Dr. Oz Show to help shine the light on the “Pro-Ana Movement” and to talk to young women about their anorexia. Click below to watch…

Recap of Shades of Hope on ‘The Dr. Oz Show”

Shades of Hope was featured on two episodes of the Emmy-nominated “The Dr. Oz Show”. Both episodes featured Sandi, a single mother of two, who battled food addiction for 20 years. Sandi remained addicted to food despite seeing multiple doctors and therapists for her issues. Sandi used food as medication and routinely binged in private. […]