Shades of Hope featured on A&E’s ‘Intervention’

Shades of Hope was featured on an episode of the Emmy award-winning show “Intervention” on A&E. “Intervention” is a television series that profiles people with addictions or other destructive behaviors that have led them to a point of crisis. Each episode ends with a surprise intervention held with friends and family led by an intervention specialist. The intervention includes participants revealing pre-written ways in which the subject’s addiction and other behaviors have negatively impacted their lives. The goal of the intervention is to have the subject immediately enter treatment.

The “Intervention” episode featuring Shades of Hope aired on December 28, 2009. The episode entitled “Amy W.” featured a young mother battling anorexia, alcoholism and self-mutilation. Amy’s friends and family feared for her life.  Indeed, she tried to take her own life on several occasions. To save her life, Amy’s family and friends decided to hold a surprise intervention to get her into treatment immediately. The intervention was ultimately successful and Amy was transported to Shades of Hope in Buffalo Gap, Texas for treatment.

Since her arrival at Shades of Hope, Amy has shown a marked improvement in her weight and overall attitude. She gained 12 pounds in 2 months. She regularly participates in therapeutic activities and feels she is equipped with the necessary tools to handle her life without resorting to her former behavior. Shades of Hope is proud to announce that Amy has been sober since July 14, 2009. Everyone at Shades wishes Amy continued success in her recovery efforts.

UPDATE: For a limited time, the full episode can be watched on A&E’s website.
Click here to watch the full episode online.