Weight Loss Re-defined

Access to Lectures and Devotionals
GOAL Program
You will receive the first month FREE of charge

Bariatric Surgery

If you have had bariatric surgery and are now:
Regaining weight
Realizing it wasn’t about the food
Feeling anger and can’t explain why
Slipping into depression
Finding yourself consuming more alcohol
Spending more and more and your debt is increasing
Experiencing relationship strains at home and/or work

Residential/Inpatient Program

Treatment at Shades of Hope is about the person as a whole. It is a commitment to allow and provide the clients an environment in which they can safely take off the masks they hide behind, recognize the feelings buried in their core and give themselves permission to express those feelings while confronting their fears.

Intensive Week

Unresolved pain is toxic to one’s soul and can manifest into self-destructive behaviors such as eating disorders, alcoholism, broken relationships with loved ones, intimacy issues, isolation, anger, and other disruptions.