Overcoming Food Addiction:  The Science, Best Solutions, and Great Results

Food addiction is a complicated condition that can disrupt a person’s relationship with food and overall health. The definition includes compulsive behaviors around eating, such as overeating certain foods or binging on unhealthy items. Overcoming food addiction involves understanding the science behind it. It also involves discovering the best solutions for yourself and experiencing great […]

Is There a Difference Between Food and Alcohol Addiction?

Food Addiction Dependence on food does not necessarily characterize food addiction. While food addicts may find it difficult to function without eating, others may be able to go for long periods without eating anything at all. It’s also not necessarily characterized by cravings and compulsions to eat. Instead, it is often more about an obsession […]

Shades of Hope Alumni: Camie Garvey

I want to share something with you all that I think a lot of you know but I have met several new friends since being in Abilene. I moved out to Buffalo Gap, Tx from Plano in ’98 to Shades of Hope. I was struggling with obesity, anorexia, suicidal thoughts and depression.I didn’t want to […]

Shades of Hope Alumni Story: Amanda

Amanda began her journey at Shades of Hope as a very hopeless and broken individual. Recovery is possible! We hope that you will read her story and make a change for yourself today. Call (800) 588-4673 to speak to someone. “My battle with weight and food began when I was 8 years…

Shades of Hope Alumni Story: Jackie

Jackie’s daughter suffered from anorexia and bulimia for more than 4 years before her family became involved. Upon identifying her eating disorder with her therapist, the family came to Shades of Hope. Read Jackie’s story and know that there is hope for your own child or family member struggling with…

Focusing on Sexual Abuse Resources for Survivors

With the accusations that have emerged about Harvey Weinstein, sexual assault and abuse has been front and center in the news cycle lately. While Hollywood stories can be salacious, and the media gets very excited about high-profile celebrities and scandal, our position at Shades of Hope is that the focus should be on survivors. If you…

Where do I start?

Where do I start? There is one thing we see here at Shades of Hope that seems to be a common theme: helplessness. Sometimes people realize they have an eating addiction, and other times they haven’t even gotten that far. Even receiving that diagnosis can leave even the strongest of people feeling deflated and powerless…


Gratitude Oh, the power of gratitude. It is truly a wonderful thing. Who would have thought such powerful changes could be brought about by taking a moment to focus on the positive things in our lives? Even those of us suffering from an addiction can benefit from this seemingly simple exercise. For some reason, we…

What to Expect When Entering a Food Addiction Program

It’s not hard to see why someone might feel some sense of trepidation when committing to a food addiction treatment program. Any time we face the unknown or throw ourselves in to the deep end, it can seem very frightening, especially if we know that we will not come out…

How Bullying Leads to Eating Disorders

The harmful effects of bullying are widely recognized. The victim often feels powerless, fearful, and can be led to believe something is wrong with them, even long after the harassment occurs. Another type of damage that is only just now coming to light is the potential for bullying to lead to eating disorders. According to […]