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But, I can’t afford treatment!

“I can’t take the time away from work… I’ve got kids, my insurance won’t cover it. I’m not rich”

Hmmmm, likely excuse. First thing first, stop complaining! Second thing, get your sorry no good, lying (all addicts lie), cheating, excuse making and not willing to make sacrifices SELF to a meeting. When you get to that meeting find a sponsor. When you get that sponsor call them! They will help guide you through the steps and recovery. Meetings and sponsors are free and free is very affordable.

Don’t tell you what to do? Fine, I’m not your Mama… not that you would listen to her anyways. If you’re not willing to go to any lengths to recover from your addiction, and that includes listening, than this is what I suggest. On your keypad hold down ‘Ctrl’ and ‘T’ at the same time. When the new browser tab appears type in this web address:

I think what you find there will be quite interesting. Then go get your drug of choice, isolate and continue to kill yourself slowly. Don’t forget to take down your friends and family with you!

Harsh you say? The truth is WE will look for any excuse, any reason to avoid taking action. As addicts we will go to any length to feed our addictions, yet we refuse to look at recovery the same way. We want our recovery to be instant… like our high. Man, I totally agree with you! I too wish it was #4 on the McDonalds Value Menu. That would be so freaking awesome, wouldn’t it? Drive through… “Yes, I’ll have the #4 please, hold the emotional breakdown and up size the relationship with my children.”  Thankfully, it is not. Recovery is a long, sometimes painful but completely rewarding process. It’s almost like a pregnancy, full of stages, scares, classes, body changes, roller coaster emotions and people poking your belly.  In the end.. you will receive a precious gift.

If you are reading this blog to find out how you can afford rehab, you will not find the answers here. The answers you need, not want, you’ll find in a meeting.

My name is Brock Cravy and I’m addicted to me.