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Anoxeria Athletica (Compulsive Exercising)

Anorexia Athletica, also known as compulsive exercise, athletica nervosa, obligatory exercise, and exercise addiction, anorexia is a potentially life-threatening condition. The person with anorexia athletica no longer enjoys exercising, but feels obligated to do so.

Symptoms may include:

  • Repeatedly exercising beyond the requirements for good health.
  • Fanatical about weight and diet.
  • May strive to achieve and master ever more difficult challenges
  • You forget that physical activity can be fun.
  • You define self-worth in terms of performance.
  • May rarely be satisfied with athletic achievements. Small satisfactions are fleeting and they do not savor victory; they push on to the next challenge immediately.
  • Justifying excessive behavior by defining themselves as a “special” or “elite” athlete.

I came across this video on youtube about Alex, a male athlete suffering from Anorexia Athletica. At first glance he looked to be a “typical jock” very focused and intense. Until, I heard that familiar desperation in his voice. The hair on my arms stood when Alex said, “This is not a solution…this is not a solution.”

Check out the video and please share your thoughts!

My name is Brock Cravy and I’m addicted to me.

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