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‘Addicted to Food’ Episode 5: Now, who did dat?

So, okay… Karen presents a bin bag from the ladies restroom to Tennie and Kim. Why? On top is a napkin with what looks to be spit up or vomit on it. I’m assuming  it was a small amount.

Karen to Tennie and Kim:  “It looks like beans, Amy had beans and was mashing them up like re-fried beans.”

Kim opens the bag and puts her hand in.

Brock (hiding behind the throw pillow he got on sale at Ross): OMG! Gross.

Tennie: “Well she ate them but she spit them up. Actually, it could be any of them in the house.”

Kim: “We don’t need to play nice anymore…”

Brock: “Ooooo, she ’bout to regulate!”

Now, here is a little something I’d like to share about myself. I loooove to confront. I ain’t scared. Apparently, I have been told, that I’m a master inventory taker. I’d also like to add that I’m skilled in the fine art of manipulation. I’m not talking about that petty, I got my way crap… I’m talking CIA covert deception. Now, follow me if you will…

Question:If the spit up was thrown in the trash located in the ladies bathroom… then why wasn’t it flushed? Why was it left on top of the trash to be found? Hmmmm…

Answer:  Who ever did the spitting up wanted it to be found.

Question:  Why did they want it found?

Answer:  So they can insinuate someone else. If they truly wanted to hid their actions, they would have flushed it or put it at the bottom of the trash. They didn’t.. They wanted it to be found.

Question:  Why would they want the spit up to be found?

Answer:  They  wanted the staff to think it was a known purger… Elizabeth or possibly Camille. I believe that Elizabeth would have confessed. Why?  She would love the attention 🙂 Camille’s body language seemed non defensive.

Let’s remove Camille, Elizabeth and Robby from the list of suspects. Why remove Robby? I think he would have been seen leaving the woman’s restroom.

Before I continue let me just quote Spock:

“An ancestor of mine maintained that when you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth…”

I want to know your thoughts!  Who did dat?!  I have my opinion… whats yours?