A new beginning at the Learning Center

At Shades of Hope, we have shared in your lives since 1987, and now we are inviting you to share in ours in an exciting new way. We decided the launching of our new website is an excellent time to incorporate something we feel will be very helpful in providing access to relevant information, up-to-date news from the frontlines of recovery, and as always, reasons for hope.

The Learning Center is the beginning place to find the news you want, hope you need, and answers to your questions without having to research on the internet for hours. It is more than support in addiction recovery; it is a point of connection for family members and friends of those suffering from addictions to gain valuable insights and practical information and reminders that great things lie ahead.

We invite you to stay connected, visit often, and feel free to contact us with feedback and information that you feel we should share. Be certain to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and the encouraging words that help feed our souls and keep us motivated on our journey.

We at Shades of Hope are excited about the future and thank you for sharing in the journey.