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Jamie Oliver: Why We Need to Learn to Cook – by Jilian Michaels

“Who speaketh the truth? It is I, Jamie Oliver!”

I stumbled across an article this morning. I’ve heard his name, this Brit, this Jamie Oliver and his ‘Food Revolution’ seem to be quite the talk. Another diet show? Now, I know the show isn’t new… but it is new to me. You see, I don’t watch TV. I youtube and read the online news. I’m so boring. Anywho, since my understanding of eating has changed forever, thanks to Shades, I’m apprehensive about entertaining discussions about dieting. Not that I’m an expert or anything, I mean… please, I just found out recently corn was a starch. I thought it was a vegetable. In the tradition of accountability, I blame the public school system for my ignorance 🙂 <– If you’re working the program you’ll get the humor in that. My point, and I have one, is that Jamie said something that kept me reading.


“I’m not the food police or a diet guy. I am trying to teach people about cooking skills and choosing fresh food over processed. Eat a wide variety of things, in reasonable portions.”

He didn’t say eat only protein and cheese. He didn’t say use a detox of lemon juice and cyan pepper. He said a “Eat a wide variety of things, in reasonable portions.” Love it! The reason why I’m posting this article, it’s not to promote the show, it’s not to plug Ms. Michael’s and her shows, it’s that the truth (quoted above) needs to be spoken louder than the lie. Any diet that promotes unhealthy restriction should never  be endorsed. That’s just my silly opinion 🙂 CHEK OUT THE FULL ARTICLE IN EVERYDAY HEALTH

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