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BBC’s ‘Revealed’ takes focus on Manorexia

Doing some random searching on the web, I stumbled upon this video produced by BBC. The show, Revealed  (shot very E! Wild On), takes a brief look into Anorexia in men, or Manorexia as its now called. The pop fizzy hosts speak with George, a 19 year old battling an eating disorder that began when he was […]

OWN Web Exclusive: Tenni-isms…Love it!

Tennie McCarty is a licensed addiction and eating disorders counselor, and she’s also the heart and soul of Shades of Hope, the Texas treatment center where she puts her unconventional method to work on food addicts of all kinds. In her 30 years of experience, she’s become known for developing her own, no-nonsense language affectionately […]