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Change is here. Hope is here.

Are you ready to free your mind and body of the patterns that have consumed your life?

Welcome to Shades of Hope, a sanctuary for personal transformation and profound healing.

Your Journey Starts Here

Nestled in the heart of serenity and surrounded by 700-year-old live oak trees, our center is a haven where individuals embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Shades of Hope is a space where mindfulness takes root, and presence becomes a way of life. Through mindfulness practices, you’ll learn to live in the present moment, fostering a deep connection with yourself and the world around you. 

Discover the peace that comes from embracing the here and now.

What matters is that we get to the root cause of it.

What matters is that we get to the root cause of it.

Step into an atmosphere of empathy and compassion, where your unique narrative takes center stage. Our workshops are designed to help you navigate the shades of your own story, fostering a sense of acceptance and self-love. Through engaging activities and supportive interactions, you’ll embark on a transformative expedition, discovering the hues that make you whole.

Your body, mind, and soul were designed to heal.

Because we are holistic beings, all of these aspects of ourselves come into play when we heal – no matter what you’ve been through or are going through right now.

We know what you’re going through because we’ve been through it ourselves.

The great news is that when we begin to address the different pieces to the puzzle, we find greater capacity, ease, and resilience. We feel more ease in our body, more peace in our mind, more emotional stability, and a general state of well being.

This can happen for anyone who’s ready and willing to do the work. The absolute truth is that you are your own healer! But, that doesn’t mean you’re alone!

All of our staff are uniquely qualified to help guide you because they have been in the same positions themselves.

Finding the right practitioner to walk with you on your journey is fundamental to getting the results that last.


Programs focused on sober living are designed to provide individuals in recovery with a supportive environment that encourages and promotes a healthy, substance-free lifestyle. These programs typically offer structured living arrangements, counseling services, group therapy sessions, and educational resources to help individuals maintain their sobriety. By offering a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to sobriety, these programs create a sense of accountability and camaraderie that can be crucial in the recovery process. Through a combination of support, guidance, and practical skills development, sober living programs aim to empower individuals to build a strong foundation for long-term sobriety and overall well-being.

Find A New Start

A no-judgment safe space is provided to truly confront deep-rooted hurts, pain, trauma, abusive, and losses of the past. This program is a soul metamorphosis and will give you the tools needed to become who you are meant to be. 

We’re dedicated to your healing and we will work with whatever timeline you have available. We’ll find a schedule that works for you. 

Intensive Schedule

The intensive at Shades of Hope begins on Sunday afternoon at 3:00 PM with registration.


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Workshops focused on mindful healing offer participants a safe and supportive space to explore techniques that promote emotional well-being and inner peace. Through activities such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, and mindfulness practices, attendees can learn how to manage stress, cope with challenging emotions, and cultivate self-awareness.

These workshops are designed to empower individuals to connect with their inner selves, develop resilience, and foster a sense of calm amidst life’s uncertainties. By embracing the principles of mindful healing, participants can embark on a journey towards self-discovery and holistic wellness.

Our Events

Come heal under 700 year old live oaks at Shades of Hope Center of Healing.

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