The Week Long Intensive (5 Days)

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Cam gives a short summary of the Week-long Intensive Program at Shades of Hope.

General Overview:
The 5-Day Intensive Program is designed to meet several needs:

  • Those who are currently working with a therapist on an extended care basis who need a time and place away from family, work and friends to break through to their core… something an hour and a half session doesn’t always allow.
  • Those who need treatment, but for various reasons, cannot make the commitment to 42-days. No, the week-long will not substitute for long-term treatment but it affords a new outlook and understanding to support the road to recovery.
  • Those who have been to treatment, who are in recovery, but know it is time to delve deeper into their spiritual being and understanding – a need to possibly recenter oneself.
  • Those who have been in recovery and have a feeling of fear of relapse and know in their inner core that a “timeout” is needed in order to continue to move forward in their recovery.

If you are open to the process and willing to do the work and let go of some control for a week and if you want healing, our Six-Day Intensive Program is for you.

What our attendees have said about this program:

  • “…one of the most life-altering weeks I have ever experienced.”
  • “Phenomenal. A week of inner-exploration and realization of why I continue to engage in the thought process of my addiction to food.”
  • “I have been in treatment several times and nothing compares to this week of extraordinary work and commitment by the facilitators.”
  • “The Week-long Intensive is just what the name implies…a week of intensive work.”

Admissions Info:

Cost of the program:
$3,495 (with an $800 non-refundable deposit)

Program Dates*

  • January 14 – 18
  • February 4 – 8
  • March 11 – 15
  • April 8 – 12
  • May 6 – 10
  • June 10 – 14
  • July 8 – 12
  • August 12 – 16
  • September 9 – 13
  • October 7 – 11
  • November 11 – 15
  • December 9 – 13

* Due to the popularity of this program, we strongly recommend that you contact us for
seat availability and/or additional program dates.

What’s included:

  • All workshops, meetings and activities
  • Room and board; daily meals*
  • Roundtrip transportation (from Abilene Regional Airport to Shades of Hope)

* All meals contain no sugar or white flour (i.e. “abstinent”)

What’s Not included

  • Psychiatric services
  • Medical evaluation

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