What is Family Week?
Family Week is held during the fourth or fifth week of our residential treatment program. Sessions start each morning, Monday through Friday, at 9:30 a.m.  The Monday morning session is for family members only, along with the facilitator, to answer questions regarding expectations, fears, and guidelines for the week. Clients join their family members for the remainder of the week.

Family Week is the cornerstone of our family program. While we use the first three to four weeks of treatment to prepare the client for Family Week, families have this time to detox from the chaos the disease has created. Family Week is about the disease concept of addiction, setting appropriate boundaries and communication factors in the family unit. It is a time of growth, understanding and healing for the family as well as the client.  Family Week is also an important time to learn that fine line between enabling addictive behavior and helping in a client’s recovery.

Family Week is a day to day process from Monday through Friday. One day builds upon another. Therefore it is important to attend the entire week.

Who needs to attend Family Week?

We strongly encourage all family members to play an active role in the healing and recovery process.  Each and every family member plays a vital role in a client’s path to recovery.

If someone in the family is involved currently on a day-to-day basis or interacts with the client routinely, we want them to be at Family Week. If someone who, in the past, has been a primary caregiver and is now out of a relationship with the client but may have an impact on validating the client, we ask them to attend Family Week. We don’t limit the number of family participants.

The attendance of siblings and/or children is decided on a case by case basis taking age appropriateness into consideration.

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