Admissions Information

Can I call for a free assessment?
What are the criteria for admission?
Can you describe the admissions process?
Are male clients accepted?

Treatment Programs & Results

What types of programs do you offer?
What is your treatment and recovery model?
How does Shades define “recovery”?
What is your success rate?
What are the roles of the professionals involved?
Do you believe addicts can fully recover or only partially recover?
Does Shades offer transitional or after-care programs?

What We Treat

Do you treat multiple addictions, dual diagnosis and/orco-occurring addictions?
Do you offer detox facilities?
Do you treat depression and other psychological issues?
Do you treat compulsive behaviors as well as addictions?

Family Members & Friends

What if my loved one doesn’t want to come to treatment?
What is Family Week and who needs to attend it?
What role do family members play in treatment?
Do you help families prepare for a client’s return home?
Can I talk to someone about the status of my loved one during treatment?
What is an intervention?

Client Information

What is a typical day at Shades?
What will happen on my first day?
Can I leave the center?
What physical activities are included?
What if I’m suffering from more than one addiction?
How will you meet my nutritional needs?
Do you honor vegetarian and/or vegan meal requests?
Will I have a roommate?

Fees & Insurance

What is the cost of treatment?
Do you accept insurance?
Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?
Are you licensed?

Types of Eating Disorders

What is anorexia or anorexia nervosa?
What is bulimia or bulimia nervosa?
What is binge eating disorder?
What is compulsive overeating or compulsive eating?
What is food addiction?
What is body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)?
What is morbid obesity?
How do I determine obesity vs morbid obesity?
What is orthorexia or orthorexia nervosa?
What is selective eating disorder (SED)?
What is Night Eating Syndrome (NES)?
What is Nocturnal Sleep Related Eating Disorder (NS-RED)?
What is an Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS)?

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

What is an alcoholic?
How can I tell if someone is addicted to a harmful substance or drug?
What is substance abuse or drug abuse?
What are the most commonly abused prescription drugs?
What is detox?

Other Addictions

What is a gambling addiction?
What is a shopping addiction?
Is there such a thing as Internet addiction?


What is an enabler?
Where are you located?
Is your facility coed?
Do you have a physician?

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