Price check on ‘Food, Inc.’

I just love the documentaries of today 🙂 When I was a child in the 80’s,  we would watch the reel to reel documentaries in class. The teacher would act as the projectionist, or select a pet for the honor, and we would all learn about the dung beetle. These docs were narrated by the most proper of gentlemen, always appropriate and almost always circa 1960’s ish. The modern documentary film of today is much more dramatic and never appropriate… I love it!

In the film  FOOD, Inc., Robert Kenner pushes our faces through the cellophane and force feeds us the truth about the evil empire that is… duh duh duhhhh (sound effect)  The American Food Manufacturer ! Produced in 2008,  this documentary is beautifully shot, professionally made and totally one sided… Everything I love and expect  in a modern documentary!

My name is Brock Cravy and I’m addicted to me.

P.S. I know… I’m behind on my documentaries too. I promise to keep up in the future!!

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