1. Where do I start?

    Where do I start? There is one thing we see here at Shades of Hope that seems to be a common theme: helplessness. Sometimes people realize they have an eating addiction, and other times they haven’t even gotten that far. Even receiving that diagnosis can leave even the strongest of...
  2. Gratitude

    Gratitude Oh, the power of gratitude. It is truly a wonderful thing. Who would have thought such powerful changes could be brought about by taking a moment to focus on the positive things in our lives? Even those of us suffering from an addiction can benefit from this seemingly simple...
  3. What to Expect When Entering a Food Addiction Program

    It’s not hard to see why someone might feel some sense of trepidation when committing to a food addiction treatment program. Any time we face the unknown or throw ourselves in to the deep end, it can seem very frightening, especially if we know that we will not come out...
  1. Food Addiction Q&A with Tennie and Betty Ford Center

    Tennie was recently the featured speaker at the Betty Ford Center Women’s Symposium. Prior to the event she sat down with the Betty Ford Center for a brief Q&A session on food addiction. You can read the full Q&A on their website. The Women’s Symposium mission is to provide innovative...

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